What is off-the-shelf bracing?

Off-the-shelf bracing, or over-the-counter bracing, are ready-made orthopedic braces and supports that are available in various sizes and designs for common musculoskeletal injuries or conditions.

The Adelaide Clinic carries a variety of prefabricated and custom braces, as well as rehab products to assist you in a quicker recovery. Our qualified professionals can determine what type of orthopedic brace is ideal for you as well as the fit, type of support, function, and level of stability or protection.

If you do not see a specific brace that you are interested in under the brands that we carry, please speak with our team for more information.

When can off-the-shelf braces help?

These braces can be helpful in various situations, particularly when the patient has a milk to moderate injury or condition that can benefit from general support, stability, and pain relief, such as:

- Mild sprains & strains: provide support and compression, helping to reduce swelling and discomfort
- Overuse injuries: such as tendinitis or repetitive stress injuries
- Arthritis: for thsoe with mild to moderate osteoarthritis or inflammatory arthritis
- Post-injury support: such as minor ligament sprain or muscle pull
- Preventative care: supporting vulnerable joints or body parts during sports or physical activity
- Mild pain relief: help reduce symptoms and improve function
- Temporary support: awaiting more comprehensive assessments by a provider

Do I need to be a patient at the Adelaide Health Clinic to purchase an off-the-shelf brace?

No! Everyone is welcome to shop our collection of off-the-shelf braces.