Dr. Kacper Kalin


Kacper has 20+ years of experience in his practice, working with young to late adults, individuals, and couples.

With his help, Kacper works towards:

  • Improving his patients' own emotional self-regulation or their emotional co-regulation if they are a couple
  • Processing particularly difficult experiences past and/or currently evolving in their life

Kacper derives an enormous satisfaction when he can be part of his patients' process of making more sense of their experiences and further clarifying what works best for them. He finds his patients' trust in him deeply meaningful.

  • MSW
  • RSW
  • MTh
Types of Injuries & Conditions that Kacper treats:
  • Unrepaired ruptures in early emotional attachment and emotional regulation experiences with parents/caretakers
  • Trauma from neglect and/or abuse in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood
  • Coming to terms with losses
  • Recovery from major physical injury/illness
  • Difficult experiences in adult intimate relationships
  • Emotional drain from unreasonably demanding interpersonal dynamics in the work space
  • Major life transitions (including career-related, separation/divorce, geographic/cultural migration, and retirement)