Sports Rehab

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At the Adelaide Health Clinic, we believe in offering the best sports rehabilitation techniques to promote recovery and the overall wellbeing of our patients. Our team of professional practitioners and therapists will create a personalized plan designed to return you to your optimal health as soon as possible.

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Sports Rehab


Restore normal joint function and promote neurobiomechanical harmony in the presence of tight or restricted joint movement.

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Massage Therapy

Enhance joint function, improve circulation, increase metabolism, and promote overall healing with this element of body maintenance.

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Braces recommended as part of an overall treatment plan, designed to speed up healing and support your injured joints.

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Meet our Sports Rehab Team

Our highly qualified, professional team of practitioners and therapists at the Adelaide Health Clinic work to improve any health issues you may have, addressing your concerns, and returning you to your optimal health.

Dr. Nader Abdelkader


Tanya Robertson

Registered Massage Therapist


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