What is off-the-shelf bracing?

Off-the-shelf bracing, or over-the-counter bracing, are ready-made orthopedic braces and supports that are available in various sizes and designs for common musculoskeletal injuries or conditions. These braces are typically mass-produced and can be purchased without the need for customization or a prescription. 

They are readily available in drugstores, sporting goods stores, or online retailers. Off-the-shelf braces are designed to offer general support, stability, and pain relief for a wide range of injuries and conditions.

When can off-the-shelf braces help?

These braces can be helpful in various situations, particularly when the patient has a milk to moderate injury or condition that can benefit from general support, stability, and pain relief, such as:

- Mild sprains & strains: provide support and compression, helping to reduce swelling and discomfort
- Overuse injuries: such as tendinitis or repetitive stress injuries
- Arthritis: for thsoe with mild to moderate osteoarthritis or inflammatory arthritis
- Post-injury support: such as minor ligament sprain or muscle pull
- Preventative care: supporting vulnerable joints or body parts during sports or physical activity
- Mild pain relief: help reduce symptoms and improve function
- Temporary support: awaiting more comprehensive assessments by a provider

Do I need to be a patient at the Adelaide Health Clinic to purchase an off-the-shelf brace?

No! Everyone is welcome to shop our collection of off-the-shelf braces.