Custom Fit Bracing

What is a custom knee brace?

A custom knee brace is constructed according to precise and accurate measurements taken from the patient’s mid-thigh to the middle of the lower leg of the injured side. The brace is designed to fit only the dimensions of that patient’s leg.

A custom brace consists of two geared polycentric (metal) hinges built into a rigid carbon composite frame. The brace is held to the patient’s leg by a series of Velcro straps that are secured to the brace.

Custom knee braces limit tibial translation and rotation of the knee joint (ACL/PCL injury), support the knee joint with side to side motion (for LCL/MCL injury), and offload the knee joint (meniscus injury/osteoarthritis).

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What conditions are treated and/or improved with custom bracing?

Common conditions treated include:

  • ACL ligament tear
  • Post-operative ACL ligament repair
  • Meniscus tear
  • Post-operative meniscus debridement or repair
  • MCL or LCL ligament injury
  • Unicompartmental osteoarthritis of the knee (OA)
  • PCL ligament tear

How do I order my brace?

Book an appointment at the Clinic to be measured for your custom knee brace.

Once the brace is received, you will be contacted for a follow-up appointment to have our staff educate you on how to apply your brace.

How long will it take before I get my brace?

A standard order takes approximately 2 weeks. A rush order can take 3 – 5 business days.

Why should I get a custom knee brace rather than a regular one from the drugstore?

A custom knee brace can speed up recovery after injury or surgery, relieve pain, and encourage physical activity in people suffering from osteoarthritis, and stabilize and prevent injury in at-risk knees during high-risk activities – in particular for those who have suffered as past injury.

Are custom knee braces covered by OHIP or the assistive devices program (ADP)?

No, custom knee braces are not covered under OHIP or the ADP.

Can I use my brace in water?

Yes, you can get the brace wet as it is waterproof. We recommend letting the brace and soft parts (i.e. straps, liners, pads) to air dry after exposure to water.

Are custom knee braces covered under my extended health insurance program?

A custom knee brace may be covered under your extended health benefits. Please check with your benefits provider prior to your appointment. Note that some insurance providers may require a physician referral.

We suggest you ask your insurance to pre-approve the cost of your brace prior to ordering.

Do I need a referral to get a custom brace at the Adelaide Health Clinic?

Most insurance companies will require a physical referral letter to cover the cost of the brace. Please check with your insurance provider in advance of ordering your brace to ensure you are able to claim your brace and to find out what documentation you may require.

Can I ski with my brace?

Yes! The brace is designed to be used while skiing or water skiing.

How do I clean my brace? What if my hinge becomes difficult to move?

To clean the liners, straps, and pads:

  • Remove the brace
  • Handwash with water or MILD detergent
  • Rinse well with cold water
  • Let it air dry
  • Clean & dry liners will result in less skin irritations

To clean the brace frame and hinges:

  • Wipe with a damp cloth

Oiling the hinges is not necessary. If the hinges become difficult to move or do not function normally, they mat need to be repaired. This may be covered under warranty, if still within the specified time frame.

Is the Adelaide Health Clinic accepting new patients for custom bracing?

Yes! Please call our reception or click here to book an appointment.