Jana Webb

Real Housewives of Toronto TV star, Joga Founder, TEDx Presenter, Fitness writer, and TV Host
Jana Webb

"After being diagnosed with a concussion I started Vitamindrip to nourish my malnourished brain. Immediately after the drips I feel more focused and less fatigued.

After doing the drips for more than a month I have noticed that my entire endocrine system is functioning better. I have stronger immunity, stabilized thyroid, mental clarity, increased stamina and reduced stress.

The customization of the Vitamindrip directed by expert naturopaths and their attention/focus to overall well being makes Vitamindrip my choice in IV therapy. The experience is one of professionalism, expertise and quality.

I would recommend Vitamindrip to anyone looking for more energy, faster recovery, weight management, stress reduction."

Janna Webb at The Adelaide Health Clinic