Jaclyn Phillips

Personal Trainer, International Bikini Competitor, Yoga Instructor & Model
Jaclyn Phillips

Jaclyn Phillips is Inside Fitness magazines Hot and fit winner, a certified personal trainer, international bikini competitor and yoga instructor in Toronto, ON. She has been active her entire life and approaches health and wellness from a holistic perspective. Finding balance between, work, fun, and health has always been her focus and lifestyle. 

Priorities for Jaclyn are making the time to eat healthy, work hard and train hard and she has a passion to share this with others. Her goal is to inspire and motivate others by sharing her fitness journey and experiences through progress, nutrition and workouts. Jaclyn has a soft spot for animals – especially dogs – and loves all things nature. 

Jaclyn Phillips - Adelaide Health Clinic

“Even as a high-level athlete and personal trainer, I've always struggled with immune issues - any time there was a cold going around, I would get it. Being as busy and active as I am, that was causing me major setbacks in my fitness, career and life in general. I tried Vitamindrip for the first time in the midst of cold and flu season and for the first time since grade school, I managed to avoid getting sick all winter! 

Not only has Vitamindrip helped me stay healthy, it's increased my overall energy and work output, not to mention saving a ton of money on oral vitamins and supplements that I no longer need. Overall, Vitamindrip has improved my physical and mental health by increasing my energy, boosting my immune system, and reducing stress. I cannot think of one person who wouldn't benefit from this service.” 


Jaclyn Phillips - Inside Fitness Magazine Hot & Fit 2017 Winner