Osteopathic Manual Practitioner
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Cebi’s fascination with the human body, a passion for health, and a desire to help others led her to Osteopathy.

After obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology at York University in 2011, she began her path in the field of healthcare as a personal trainer. Although she enjoyed helping clients reach their fitness goals, she was always more intrigued by those clients who had restrictions to training due to injury or other health conditions. She made it her goal to gain a deeper knowledge of the body so that she would be able to go one step further and treat a variety of conditions to restore mobility, balance and help optimise the overall health of clients.

Cebi is a graduate of the Southern Ontario College of Osteopathy and a member of the Ontario Federation of Osteopathic Professionals. She has experience in the treatment of chronic and acute conditions, and a special interest in women's issues. During her training, she completed her thesis on: An Osteopathic approach in the treatment of dysmenorrhea.

In accordance with Osteopathic philosophy, her approach to treatment is not only to address the presenting symptoms, but also to seek out the underlying factors may be contributing to and exacerbating the issue. In this way, treatment is aimed at providing relief as well as preventing the issue from continuing and recurring. In addition to hands-on treatment, she also provides remedial exercises, diet and lifestyle coaching to help to support treatment outcomes. Cebi believes patient self-care plays an integral role in maintaining positive treatment outcomes and optimal health of the patient.