Lisa Foote, MBA, CGA, CPA

Managing Director, BMO Capital Markets
Lisa Foote, MBA, CGA, CPA
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Lisa is a Senior Leader in Capital Markets with an extensive background in Strategy, Business Management & Finance. She excels in fast paced collaborative environments where she can paint the full picture, brainstorm ideas and deliver effective solutions. She is passionate about optimizing both personal performance and team productivity to achieve operational and strategic goals. Lisa is also a Certified Co-Active Coach accredited with the International Coaches Federation (ACC, CPCC).


I really appreciate the convenience, diversity of services and integrated approach that the Adelaide Health Clinic offers me. As a professional working in the Financial District, the location of the clinic provides an element of ease that makes it extremely convenient for me to schedule appointments as needed. I’m grateful that the clinic offers both alternative and traditional approaches for treatment, but more importantly, I really respect the way the service providers work together as a team. It’s this integrated approach to managing my well –being from the perspective of mind, body & spirit which makes the Adelaide Health Clinic unique. Naturopathic Medicine, Vitamin Drips, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic, Physio and Western Medicine are all services that are part of my toolbox at the Adelaide Health Clinic.

Although I’ve been a patient for 14 years, it was a visit to one of the Naturopaths 8 years ago that was a turning point for me in my life. Seriously…It may sound dramatic, but as I sat in her office she looked me in the eye and said “you’re operating at such a high frequency that you don’t even know you’re stressed”. She then talked to me from the heart about stress management, lifestyle and concepts that were foreign to me at the time, like meditation and yoga. a result of that discussion, these concepts that were once foreign to me are now part of my daily practice and also skills that I’m certified to teach others. So you see? When I think of the Adelaide Health Clinic, it really is more than just a place to go when I over train and need help healing. It’s a place I depend upon to support me fully….mind, body and spirit.